Dear President Trump
Dear President Trump

In January 2017, Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States of America.

Write a letter to Mr. Trump as a student and a citizen of the United States.  What do you feel about the recent election?  Are you happy?  Mad?  Sad?  Confused?  Excited?  Tell how you feel and explain why you feel that way.  This part of the letter should include your main idea — what you think about this presidency.

In order to encourage our next president and help him do his best — in this letter you are going to give Mr. Trump some good advice.  There are at LEAST three important things that would help our future president.  These are our supporting details to our main idea.  These are also advice that we think would honestly help.

1. What do you think it is important for him to know as president and why is that important?  The president represents all of the people of the United States — what things do you think Mr. Trump should hear to help him do that best?

2. What do you think it is important for him to not do as president and why?  As president you have to work with many different countries and have many different people and groups trying to convince you to do what they want you to do.  Who should he listen to?  What should he change?

3. What do you think it is important for him to do as president and why is that important?  Many people see many problems with the country right now.  You probably see things you think should change around your neighborhood.  What advice would you give Mr. Trump in order to help the country.

Come up with your own respectful closing to the letter that connects back to your main idea.

These letters are intended to be constructive advice to help the country — not insults or rude words.

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