Do animals have language?
Do animals have language?

There are many examples in the novel, Pax, where animals communicate with each other. This is shown in the book through italicized font and not through dialogue (this uses quotation marks around words – we see this with the humans only). What are some examples where animals are communicating with one another in the novel (ie. the crows)? Do you think they are communicating with language? Think about the characters in the book – why do humans use dialogue and why do animals use italicized font? What does this tell you about the use of communication and/or language? Is communication and language the same or different? Try to be as specific as possible when you use examples from the book and from your own experience. This is a great opportunity to try and persuade others of your opinion as to whether or not you think animals have language. Check out the video below to help guide you with your answer.

TED Talk – Do animals have language?

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