Pax- Culminating Writing
Pax- Culminating Writing


Write an Epilogue – wrap up the story.  What happened to Peter, Pax, Peter’s father, and Vola?

Create a Poem– free verse, concrete, blackout, write from a character’s perspective.

Letter to the Author– ask questions, thank her for her work, etc.

Research– pick a topic (PTSD, Veterans’ needs, animal & emotions, animals and war, the problem with landmines, etc.) Write a 1 page summary of your findings

Write a an Interview-  between a report and Peter, asking about his adventure.

Write a chapter– from another character’s perspective.  How would Vola, Peter’s grandfather or father have told the story?

Compare to another story– read a short story/picture book and write a comparison

Write a Book Review– brief summary, evaluation, theme, essential quote, etc.

Write 3 letters– from Peter to his grandfather.

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