Review a classic book
Review a classic book

Have you read a classic book that readers have been enjoying for 50 years or more? Tell others about it with a review!

A good book review gives a synopsis or summary of the book and tells your opinion. It usually takes more than one paragraph to share all of this information.

Your book review should include:

  • The book title
  • The name of the author
  • An age recommendation
  • A short synopsis of the book
  • Your opinion of the book
  • Who you would recommend the book to (example: ¨I recommend this book to kids who like adventure.¨)


It could also include a rating scale. For example, you could give a book ¨two thumbs up¨ or ¨4 out of 5 stars¨

If you can, replace the image with a picture of the book cover (remember to fill in the attribution box)

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