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Write About was built to be a part of the writing process in classrooms, helping students find an audience and teachers give personalized feedback. Social publishing and writing pedagogy are part of the same conversation, and these resources and lessons will help your class make the transition to digital writing!



Comments are replies that you leave for other authors on their posts. They should be positive and helpful.

Why Comment?

Commenting is a fun part of writing online because you get to start or join a conversation. It feels good when we know other people have read our work and took the time to leave us a message. Plus, by commenting we are helping each other improve as authors.


Consider the audience:

  •  Do you know this person?
    • Is this student in your school or class?
  • Are they older or younger than you?


Things to avoid in comments:

  • 1 word replies like “cool” or “awesome”
  • Using ALL CAPS
  • Using extra punctuation!!!!!!


Commenting Tips:

  •  Make a connection
    • Have you experienced something similar to what they wrote about? What part of the post exactly made you think?
  • Give a suggestion
    • You don’t always have to agree with the author or pretend that everything was perfect in the post.
    • After you’ve told them something you liked in their writing, think about how you can leave a suggestion without sounding like a know-it-all.
  • Ask a question
    • This starts a conversation and gives the author a chance to reply with something they might have left out.
  • End with encouragement
    • It’s always great to end your comment with something that can boost the author up and give them motivation to keep writing.


What posts to comment on:

  • Find a variety of writing from your class and your groups
  • Look for posts that have not received any comments yet
  • Make sure you’ve read the entire post before commenting


The way you are represented in the comment section is also how others might discover your writing, so using good conventions not only helps the author to understand your feedback but also builds your reputation.