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Pancakes Vs. Waffles,Pankcakes and waffles have a lot diffrent between them.One example is that a pancakes are smooth and fluffy and they are easy to make.Waffles on the other hand are hard to make cause you need a waffle maker and like know how to use it.Another thing about these two is when you are […]
One night it was very stormy out and the trees were scraching up on my winders.When all of the sudden i heard something making this strange noise under my bed,Which i thought to be a big scary monster so i called my mom in and told her to look under my bed and she did […]
Christmas List
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My Christmas list,Well what i want for christmas is an Apple Tv with a nice Samsung 4k tv with a nice Ps4 pro with like a battle beaver controller and maybe some Astros.I could also use some socks and maybe a few shirts and also a new ski jacket from Virtka.Also id like some ps4 […]
No video games do not make kids dumb.Studys have shown that 1st person shooters and stuff like that have made kids minds work more faster because they play games that need a lot of movement.Also in games like that you also need to have reactions really fast or youll lose.