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I woke up at about 6:00 to get ready to go to work because I have to be there by 7:00 in the morning. So I get to the school, getting ready to run the Zamboni thru the gym and the hallways. At the school we have 2 Zamboni’s so me and the other janitor […]
No in my opinion the puppy bowl should have never been a thing. It’s basically just watching puppies running around with a toy football, it brings literally no excitement to people its boring, it’s mean’t to be cute but really it’s not at all. Maybe they could do something better with the puppy bowl instead […]
Why do we WANT what we can’t HAVE?
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By Hayden
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A human may want something they can’t have because it is clearly better than what they already have. Say you have like a 2000 Chevy Impala and you want to get a 17 Silverado or a corvette stingray or you live in a crack house and want something like a good house in a neighbor […]
In my opinion the Patriot’s had a great comeback due to a certain reason half-time adjustments (basically they deflated the balls) and that’s how the Patriot’s won the game.
No, because you get rewarded for doing what you love to do. Say if you love to ski and your really good and get an invitation for 2 events in the Xgames and you get gold in both? what’s gonna happen is companies are going to notice you and want to sponsor you. If that happens […]
You are going to the Super Bowl!
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By Hayden
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If i won tickets to this years Superbowl i would be sort of excited. I would be excited because it’s the Superbowl and I got amazing seats. I would not be excited because the Patriot’s are in the Superbowl, Everybody is sick and tired of the patriots especially Tom Brady. On the other hand the […]
Mj and Philip. they live right by me and we are always hanging out and whenever we do something not so smart and get in trouble. Me or Mj are the ones who get blamed for everything, its very frustrating when i don’t really do anything so i’m always in trouble ,while they are innocent. […]
I would create an endless game like flappy bird or crossy road because they are crazy addicting and get lots of attention from users worldwide. I would call the game endless flyer, and the game would cost would be free.
I feel like it is a waste of time because if i can do the problem in my head as well as i can on a piece of paper. What is the point in wasting paper and time when i can do it just fine in my head?
Number 1:Devel sixteen, the reason this is number 1 is because i’m pretty sure it is the fastest car in the world and it is a beautiful car super car. Number two: Hennessey venom GT spyder, this is the second fastest car in the world. Number 3:koenigsegg agera r:this car is one of my favorite […]
My largest fish so far, by weight is a 9 pound 32 inch walleye i caught in paradise lake, carp city michigan. I was casting a jerkbait for pike and i felt a hit so i started reeling in because i wasn’t sure what it was i stop reeling and realize my line is swimming […]
I would go to cape cod to catch huge striped bass because are really cool fish and would be so fun to catch, they are basically a fat white muskie. I heard they are one of the most fun fish to catch in the world, they don’t fight like a Goliath grouper(AKA the Volkswagon beetle […]
Make Up a New Pokemon Song
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By Hayden
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i play pokemon go everyday, i play pokemon go, when i wake up im grabbing my phone gotta catch em all i gotta play pokemon all day long, all day long
I would take a trip to Gary Yamamoto’s  ranch in Texas because some ponds have bass over 14 pounds
The way it was grown caused it to look deformed and also animals make holes and that can also cause that.
i would panic take a few pictures weigh it measure it then throw it back or get it mounted by a taxidermist