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what is your favorite video games
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By Nathan
Posted on January 11 1 Comment Shared Pubicly
my favorite video game is call of duty black ops 3.  because it is so easy to rank up and there is a lot of great guns in it.
I  think people should  to able to decide when they want to drive.  But they should be mature enough to be able to drive.  As long as your able to pass the drivers test you should be able to drive at the age that you are at right now.
i would be glad it is a snowday and i would play with my rc cars and i would build a sweet rc track and i would go inside and watch youtube.
we can pick up trash as we see it.  we can take bikes or carpool when we can. we can clean up the world better than it already was
i would first celebrate that i cought a fish that big. and then i would take a pic of that fish. and then i would take it off the hook and then i would take it home and put it in my fish tank.and i wpould post the pic on Instagram.
my favorite park of fishing is when the sun is right below the horizon because that`s when the fish seam to bite the best
yes because they dont go outside and sit inside on the xbox all day