Online Safety

We believe students want to (and should) write and publish in social, digital spaces. The Write About platform provides safe opportunities for them to do that.

Choosing an audience
Leveraging the power of publishing is an important part of the digital writing process and learning to determine the appropriate audience for their writing is a skill students can safely practice here. Writers can create a private post only viewable by their teacher or post publicly and share to groups or the community. When teacher control over publishing is needed, it is simple to manage for individual students or the entire class. Learn More

We’ve kept social features that can make writing more fun and left out the rest. Groups are managed by educators in the Write About community, so exploring Ideas and Posts from other users can be a safe independent activity for students. Commenting on writing is encouraged, but moderation is available to teachers. Peer-to-peer friending and messaging is not available to students and teachers can easily view and manage all student activity. Commenting resources

Media Literate
It is important for teachers to help students learn how to safely post content to their digital spaces. Classroom discussions and activities should lead students to an understanding about what types of information is OK to share in their writing, what images are appropriate, when to publish publicly and how to represent themselves online. If you discover content being used on Write About that is inappropriate or abusive, please use the Report feature available on that Idea or Post page.