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shamrock festival
Avatar of Ahmed Elatawy
By Ahmed
Posted on March 22 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
On marsh/18/2017 me and my neighbor went to the shamrock festival. first at 9:02 we went to sells middle school and we ate pancakes. and we played a game that we write out our names on a small tickets and we put it in a bow wen the guy get the ticket he says the name of the […]
I Survived the Shark Attack 1916. A 10 year old boy named Chet had made new friends They did  a prank on him and it got him mad. So then, Chet did a prank. He covered himself with mud and put ketchup on his clothes and called there names and they came quick since they […]
10 thinks that I hate
Avatar of Alex Morales
By Alex Morales
Posted on March 22 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
lose a match in soccer when the wi-fi is bad the vegetables bad movies see my favorites teams lose have bad notes don’t finish important works break my cellphone can’t play any game go to stores that i don’t like
I recently read The Diary Of A Young Girl by Anne Frank. This is an autobiography that Anne wrote during her time in hiding in world war two.  Anne’s family as well as another family hid in a secret room that Anne often refers to as “The Secret Annexe” for over two years before they […]
book review
Avatar of Matthew Rankin
By Matthew
Posted on March 22 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
      Gene Luen Yang was the other. It was published on September 10, 2013. It is 12.42 dollars. The isbn number is  1596436891 and has 176 pages.       “I am my mothers fourth child born on the fourth day of the fourth and the only one of her children to survive […]
Life as a three eyed being
Avatar of DevonRose
By DevonRose
Posted on March 22 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
it’s my life as a three eyed being. Many don’t know this but when you have three eyes carrots don’t actually effect them. And if you also didn’t know carrots can help normal two eyed beings see better. Although honestly I don’t mind, three eyed beings can see better anyway. Doesn’t matter to me. Although […]
make a haiku about this…
Avatar of Bernadette
By Bernadette Garth
Posted on March 22 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
The colors of Fall capture nature’s true beauty. No filter needed.  
In Amelia Bedelia goes wild, she wakes up having the flu. It is Monday and her class is going to the zoo for a field trip as a reward. What is bad is that Amelia LOVES animals. So because she is sad she makes up a plan. The plan is about how she is going […]
Book Review
Avatar of Luke Beeman
By Luke
Posted on March 22 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
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Sunrise By Mike Mullin ISBN  978-1939100047 Published By Tanglewood Publishing Inc. “For at least the next year i had my job cut out for me. The fate of almost 100 people rested on my shoulders.” Sunrise is about Alex and his unexpected rise as the new leader of a post apocalyptic community. As other settlements […]
How does Wilbur change?
Avatar of KittyCandy
By KittyCandy
Posted on March 22 1 Comment Shared Pubicly
He changes by him growing up and me more sensitive. He’s grown up by him being small and him almost dying  but Fern saved him so he adores Fern. Then he grew super big and started to eat more scraps so Fern sold him to Mr. Zukerman to take care of in the barn cellar […]
Avatar of DevonRose
By DevonRose
Posted on March 22 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
so I was talking to Siri and I said “hey Siri I’m stalking you” and she’s just “who me” and I’m just like “yeah I’m outside your window right now” and she’s just like “that’s what I thought”. OMG LOL SIRI XD  LOL LOL LOL
My favorite thing to do with my family is have a picnic/barbecue at the park.   It makes me feel so warm and happy to see everyone eating and talking together.  Sadly, this only happens like once a year.  It seems so simple to go to the park, eat, and play together, but it’s so […]
I would kick her until she go’s away but I have to make this epic so then she turns into an evil nyan cat and she starts to fart out poptarts that have poison inside and then Donald Duck came in and said “Don’t mess with her I have a knife!!!!”.Then I just realized that […]
Pardon me, are you Aaron Burr, sir? No.   Pardon me, are you Aaron Burr, sir? That depends, who’s asking? Me. Pardon me, are you Aaron Burr, sir? That depends, who’s asking? Oh sure, sir. I’m JOHN CENA, I’m at your service, sir. I have been looking for you- *Burr runs away* Pardon me, are […]
Everyone dreads the day. Especially when it’s on a Friday. It’s………. Friday–the–13th  17th. It’s Saint Patrick’s Day! And if you don’t wear green, you get pinched, and then there’s the Saint Patrick’s Day Leprechaun! But wait. The Leprechaun stole something. How rude! On Friday the 17th, The Leprechaun stole the buttons and bookmarks Ame Dyckman sent us. […]
The best food to order at Taco Bell
Avatar of Aarya zzstu Upadhyay
By Aarya
Posted on March 22 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
Okay, I don’t know if you like fast food that much, but Taco Bell is a different kind of fast food. Taco Bell serves AMAZING Mexican food. Anyway, on to the real topic. My favorite food from Taco Bell is the Bean Chalupa. It has a crispy shell and the filling consists of: Beans, cheese(lots […]
Once there was a pineapple who had a friend who was a water melon. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I  III I […]
Derpity Co.
Avatar of Jason zzstu Zhang
By Jason
Posted on March 22 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
I would create an app called Derpity Co. that would sell stuff from Derpity Co. It would be free but it would be the version where it would be a black screen. You would have to buy the premium version which costs $69.99. Everything you could buy would have to be bought with derp dollars. […]
We are so hungry We are so hungry Where’s our mommy? Where’s our mommy? Me and my brothers are up in this tree We are searching for our mommy We can’t seem to find her in all that we see So could you help us find our lost mommy? We are so hungry We are so hungry […]
The Dore
Avatar of Jason zzstu Zhang
By Jason
Posted on March 22 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
This dore is closed. I know I spelled dore wrong. Anyway, it was open and I went inside. I saw a war and then I got shot and died. Lol.