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edger allen poe
The main character is the narrator and the book is written in first person perspective. The narrator was captured by the inquisitorial judges and sentenced to death or worse. And then he hears the dreaded word as he is sitting before the court “death” come from one of the judges and then he passes out. […]
Your Story Begins Here . . .
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By Ray
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Compare and Contrast: Nike and Adidas
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By Sophie
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Nike and Adidas are two completely different brands, but people still continue to compare them. The Adidas company started in 1949, while Nike started in 1964. So the company Adidas has had more experience, but that does not always mean better. Adidas’s footwear is not as fitting, it doesn’t mold to your foot. While Nike […]
part of my logo
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By Dakota
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1860 Abraham elected president 1861  SC secedes from Union Civil War begins 1863 Freeing slave in rebel states battle of  Gettysburg begins Conferderate leaves troops Lincoln delivers Gettysburg Address 1865 Lee srurrenders at courthouse Lincoln assassinated Reconstrucion under president Andrew Johnson The Thirteen Amendment passed abolishing slavery  General Lee dies 1872 General Meade dies 1895 […]
“DOPE!” yells one kid as another successfully kills a fakey tre flip over a vert. Did I lose you? My bad, let me clear things up. What I’m describing is a common scene you would see at a skate park. One kid screams a complement in slang while his friend masters a new trick he’s been practicing […]
There have been many changes like Martin Luther King Day was created to honor Dr. King and the many ways his work reminds us that we can all work for equality and respect within our communities. There is much more to do since many schools and neighborhoods remain segregated with black and brown people experiencing […]
What I want to go.
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By Jaxsen
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I would want to go to Florida because it is vary hot even in the winter.The hot sand the  the cold water it feels like heaven.Plus I can see my cousins and they are so much fun to hang out with.The amazing parks like universal it is my favorite park there my favorite ride to […]
Always treat others with kindness Be honest Consider every choice you make Don’t think you are more important than others Everybody’s special Feed your pet Get to school on time every day Happyness matters It’s okay if you’re not the queen Jump with delight Kings are not better than Queens! Let it go! :) Make […]
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By Steven
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On a regular day, Jimmy McFatGuy was on Xbox live playing Minecraft. Suddenly, a random joined his Xbox party. Jimmy: What are you and why are you mining my diamonds? “I don’t know why are you in my server you noob?” Said the Random “You are hurting my feelings” Exclaimed Jimmy “I’m telling my mommy” […]
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By Pheobie
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BEPPER the animal jam youtuber is an amazing at what she does, and i try to watch all her videos and they are all great so far! GO BEPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ultimate Fighting Club
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By Agent Werle
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The UFC is a group for wrestling.Fighter’s like Conner Mcgregor,Bruce Lee, Rick Story and more fighter’s. From Japanese To American’s To Irish to so much more EVERYONE IS STRONG!
I appreciate the military because…
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By Conor
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I appreciate the military because they are willing to go and put there life’s on the line just to protect there families and are country.I think it is crazy that they go all over the world to fight battles that they don’t even need fighting.They do it because they want to help other people. I […]
ICE DAY 1/17: The Mysterious Fog
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By Angela Berent
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As I gazed into the fog, something mysterious emerged. Tell the story! *What/who was it? *What was your reaction? *What happens next?  
One Little Word
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By manami
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My word for 2017 is “enjoy”. I had hard and excited year in 2016. Because I came to America for the fast time and I go to American school everyday. It’s very hard. Bot I had new events when I feel exciting. I enjoy it’s. so in 2017, I’ll do my very best to brighten every […]
One Little Word
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By hebah
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                                                                                                    WORK HARD My word for […]
Why is Food important?
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By Lorin Hanna
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Everyday Health states that food contains many components that influence health. Fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body’s systems to function properly. They also contain antioxidants, which reduce the risk of cancer. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains contain fiber, which provides additional protection from cancer as well as […]
Elf, Creepy… or Cool!
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By Yonny
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I thik its creepy
Pancakes vs. Waffles. Let’s break this comparison down into three categories. Cooking, Syrup Experience, and Taste. First, let’s talk cooking. Pancake batter is essentially the same as waffle batter, so the prep work is even. But, without a doubt, pancakes are easier to actually cook. For pancakes, all you have to do is scoop some […]
Should movie theaters ban cell phones?
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By Sophie
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The movies are something you should enjoy, not be on your phone for. Yes, movie theaters should keep the phone rule the way it is or ban them. With people on their phones, it risks people filming the movie, which is illegal. Also, if you go to the movie theater, its to enjoy a movie, […]