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My Open Ocean Project: Otters
Avatar of Jack
By Jack
Posted on January 15 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
The otter is a carnivorous mammal in a branch of the weasel family called Lutrinae. There are 13 species of otter found all around the world. Some otter species spend all their time in the water while others are land and water based animals. An otter’s den is called a ‘holt’ or a ‘couch’. A […]
The flamingos color
Avatar of Konnar B
By Konnar
Posted on January 13 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
Real answer: flamingos eat a special kind of krill that dyes thier feathers pink.     Interesting answer: the flamingo loved his blue, red and yellow feathers. He looked a lot like his cousin, the parrot. One day the flamingo admiring his beautiful feathers,noticed a smaller uglier bird, the bird was pink, a sign of […]
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By Konnar
Posted on January 12 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
1945 D-Day “Men, ARE YOU READY TO STORM THE BEACH!!!!!!!” Sarge screamed at the top of his lungs SIR YESS SIR!!! The doors to the boat screeched as the opened, men 18 to 40 ran out and immediatley got pummeld by bullets and artillery suddenly the who world went black I woke up in my […]
One night it was very stormy out and the trees were scraching up on my winders.When all of the sudden i heard something making this strange noise under my bed,Which i thought to be a big scary monster so i called my mom in and told her to look under my bed and she did […]
Unfair to Animals
Avatar of Pheobie
By Pheobie
Posted on January 11 3 Comments Shared Pubicly
I don’t think it is fair that some animals have to be separated from their families just because they are hunters. I don’t think that is fair. It doesn’t matter if they are hunters, it only matters what they are at heart. People just lock them up and put them in a cage.
Write this conversation.
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By Cedtrell
Posted on January 12 1 Comment Shared Pubicly
Girl:What are you going here you are supposed to be in Antarctica Penguin:I am the magic penguin I can do anything Girl:Well considering that you can talk I think you are a magical penguin,but just for proof make a magic portal Penguin:Okay and the penguin did then they were where the penguin lives Girl:Wow what […]
I think why we are so fascinated by butterflies, but frightened by moths is becuase usually butterflies are bright peppy colors that make you happy. Moths are usually dark gloomy colors such as gray, black, and maybe a hint of white. Why so many bland colors? The human eyes notice the bright colors, but might […]
One Day There Was A Horse Named Abe. Abe Had A Owner Her Name Was Madison. Madison Was 11 Years Old And She Loved Abe And One Day Their Town Was Going To Drown But Suddenly Abe And Madison They Jumped As High As They Could Up Into The Air And Abe And Madison Saved […]
Tell this story.
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By Sophia
Posted on January 10 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
Hi! I’m Crystal! This is the story of me getting my cat Luna. It was April 5th 2013. I was 8 years old. It was the day that I would be picking out a kitten to take home. I got out of school and jumped into the car. “Daddy, come on! Let’s go pick out […]
Hi I’m Rufus I wan to be a model I think I’d be great at it I mean I’m a dog but you gotta love dogs right? They’ll let me in RIGHT? I think I could rock any clothes that you give me and so I’m going to try out right now I’ll come back […]