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By Cameron
Posted on September 22 1 Comment Shared Pubicly Words: 46
I think basketball is a popular sport  because all the  basketball players are super famous and thay  have basketball shoes  ,basketballs  hoodies ,posters, video games  t shirt  and other things and its  also  a fun sport to play and I would recommend this game for anyone.
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By Dhanishtha
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One day a man saw a Geico add. He wondered if it would really work. Then he went to the store and then asked is this Geico. Then the man said yes after reading a book called the legends of HUMANS. The man answered and said what are you doing here? I want to see […]
Write a poem about your favorite sport.
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By Isaac
Posted on May 15 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 44
The ball goes in the endzone, TOUCHDOWN! Running down the field. Catching the ball with soft hands and taking it down the field. Breaking tackles, performing spins juking people. Football, enjoyed by many, played with friends memories made good times to be remembered forever.
Write a poem about your favorite sport.
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By Elena
Posted on April 20 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 41
Football is my favorite sport it gives me energy it makes me healthy it makes me jam out to music it makes me want to challenge other people to test my skills to improve that is  why i like football.  
When I go to up to bat I think about what the pitcher throws (speed, pitch type, where he throws it,etc.). I also think about where I have to hit the ball, and how hard.
Why has basketball become more popular than baseball?
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By Mason
Posted on November 23 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 13
Basketball become more popular than baseball because basketball gets more pay than baseball.
Write a poem about your favorite sport.
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By Arushan
Posted on September 15 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 83
 Tennis, Soccer,Hockey Which one do you like? Tennis or soccer which one do you chose? Soccer ,Na Tennis, YA Hockey,ok |Smack the ball with the racket Slap the puck with the stick Wrap around and score the goal Run and chip Run and chip Canada Canada  Germany or Argentina Canada, YA Canada,YA Germany, OK Argentina,ok Lets go […]
did you know the giants are so horable the cubs are so much more betterand they will win the world seris 2016 and jake arrietais the best pitcher ever by the way he shaved his beard so he looks like chris pratt.  
Ball is Life
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By brian
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Why do I play basketball? I play basketball because that’s the only sport that I can play. I play this sport because it’s way better then the other sports that they have. When I play basketball it is fun to play. Basketball is fun to play because ball is life. The more I play basketball […]
Most people like to play football,soccer and other sports. Some mom and dads dint want there kids to be hurt and some kids just dint like baseball. Football,basketball,and soccer  are the most popular  sports to people now.That’s why I think how baseball has dropped in popularity.