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Should everyone get a Trophy?
Avatar of Shelby Jerue
By Shelby
Posted on June 06 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 214
People have different preferences on sports and competing whether its inside or outside of school, in my preference everyone shouldn’t  get a trophy. A trophy is a reward for the people (team) who actually tried and put fourth a lot of effort not just for participation and good sportsmanship. Good sportsmanship and participation are two […]
the greatest player in history is micheal jordan because he was a Six-time NBA champion,10-time All-NBA First Team,Defensive Player of the Year,14-time All-Star; All-Star MVP and was a Two-time Olympic gold medalist
I was play CYC basketball and SGM was playing against Sacred Heart. The clock was ticking down and down and SGM was down by 2 points. The coach said “Patrick bring the ball down” so of course I did. My friend Cameron the coaches son had wanted Cameron to shoot the final shot. When I […]
If your saying the farthest jumper ever the Michael Jordan. The reason is because he invented the air Jordan witch is now a brand of shoe. Dude when he did the air Jordan he flew like 5 ft.
I really like watching basketball and it is my favorite sport. I especially like watching March Madness. It is really fun filling out brackets and seeing who can get the best one. This year in March Madness North Carolina won the championship in Arizona. They played Gonzaga and won by only 6 points. The final […]
I think it’s Larry Bird.  He was Larry Legend!  
The NCAA Tournament: Exciting or Boring?
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By Mason
Posted on March 22 2 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 12
The NCAA Tournament is Exciting. But, March Madness is better has NCAA.
Out of all these players I think Michael Jordan is the greatest ever. First, Michael Jordan could dunk and make three pointers. In the article (Basketball Reference) it says Michael Jordan averaged 1.7 For his three pointers his whole career. Secondly, Michael Jordan played until he was 39 which is pretty old for an NBA […]
My favorite team, WI, is going to win because their still in it.