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The NCAA Tournament is Exciting. But, March Madness is better has NCAA.
Out of all these players I think Michael Jordan is the greatest ever. First, Michael Jordan could dunk and make three pointers. In the article (Basketball Reference) it says Michael Jordan averaged 1.7 For his three pointers his whole career. Secondly, Michael Jordan played until he was 39 which is pretty old for an NBA […]
The NCAA ¬†Tournament in my opinion is very exciting because once a team loses a game there out of the tournament.One thing that gets me excited about the tournament is that sometimes a lower seed team beats a higher seed team and its cool to see the underdogs win sometimes.Also every game is a big […]
In my opinion, the NCAA March Madness Tournament is one of the most exciting parts of basketball altogether. Besides that of the NBA playoffs and the NBA finals, this is a very exciting tournament/event for basketball. A great reason to watch this tournament is because of the Cinderella stories. Last year a 10 seed Syracuse […]
Bill Russell is better than Kobe Bryant, Micheal Jordan, and LeBron James. First, Bill Russell has been to more championship games than any of these other players. Bill Russell has 11 championships rings ¬†and Micheal Jordan has 6 championship rings.Secondly, “Bill Russell is an NBA legend. His legacy is built on a foundation of winning […]
Stefan Curry is better than Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and LeBron James.first one reason that i now that Stefan curry is better than then is because lebron James can not juke people out as much and he cant maake three pointers as much as Stefan curry can and that is what i think about for […]
Shots going in at the buzzer to win the game happen regularly. Teams that are unheard of knock out the top-notch programs. March Madness is one of the most exciting sports championships in the world. Over 30 million people watched the Wisconsin Duke match-up in 2015. Who knows how many people will watch it this […]
I believe Wilt Chamberlain was the best to ever play the game of basketball. He was an amazing player. First in one game Wilt scored 100 points while averaging 30 points a season the only player that came close to breaking his point record was Kobe Bryant who still only scored 81 points. Next he […]
I like watching basketball all the time because you want your team to win so you get nervous. Also you cant wait to watch your team play. It gets very fun when the team that you like is winning. Basketball is also very fun to play. I could watch the same game over and over […]
I think that it is very exciting. Every year in the tournament there are huge upsets and those are fun to watch. Also if you follow a team you could watch them through the whole tournament. There are always crazy plays like someone getting dunked on, someone getting broke, game winners and a lot more. […]