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LeBron james because he has more triple doubles and can shoot 3 pointers
Write a Letter to Your Sport
Avatar of Olivia F
By Olivia
Posted on January 26 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
Dear Volleyball, I have enjoyed the last two years playing you! You are what I have in my world to calm me down, have a lot of fun, and work hard. I often say I will never give up on you until I am too old to play, but I repeatedly wonder am I just […]
I think the Cleveland Cavaliers will make it to the NBA finals because they have the best line up in the NBA right now 1. Kyrie Irving 2 Lebron James 3 Kevin Love 4 Kyle Korver 5 Tristan Thompson. Think that is the best line up since the Bulls when they had Michael Jordan……….
Basketball has become more popular than baseball in many ways. First, basketball is more interesting and is available to women. Next, its a fast paced game also baseball is a slow paced game. Then, basketball has more physical contact than baseball. Basketball is in the Olympics and baseball is not. Basketball has more of a […]
I think that basketball has become more popular than baseball because… Basketball is a sport that goes so much faster than baseball. I think that people were getting bored of watching baseball because of how long it takes. Maybe if they make less innings it will become popular again. Basketball has so much more action […]
The NCAA Tournament: Exciting or Boring?
Avatar of Carter
By Carter
Posted on December 20 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
I think the NCAA Tournament is really cool like last years tourney their was a bunch of buzzer beaters close games. My favorite game last year was the championship game North Carolina vs Villanova. When at the last second shots on both ends of the court then the last second shot from Villanova to win […]
Write a Letter to Your Sport
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By Nikolas
Posted on November 30 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
I love basketball because its a fast paced game and it feels good to play it when ever you shoot the ball or dunk or even pass#KOBE. Another reason i love basketball is because its a sport of tea work and learning how to be a leader it teaches you that you will have good […]
Basketball become more popular than baseball because basketball gets more pay than baseball.
Well first it looks very old and looks like its going to fall apart. Secondly the court floor does not look nice and it looks like there is some kind of mess or paint on the ground. lastly the walls are chafing, even though its a very old court it still is a basketball court […]