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I have no idea how I got here. The blue sky I used to know is gone and replaced by blackness, with an occasional twinkling dot. It reminded me of how the sun used to glint off my human’s pearl necklace. I look below me. There is a gray crater there. It’s nothing like home, […]
What are your thoughts on cats?
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By Ryleigh
Posted on March 20 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
I love cats because they can love on you.
I peered out the window of the rocket. All I could see was stars, and more stars with the Earth becoming smaller and smaller far below me.  I was headed for the moon, where there was a base.  I was going to be the first cat on the moon. My pod landed and I carefully […]
a day in Mr. Catz’ class
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By Xavier
Posted on March 20 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
Today is the day that school starts back up again. My homeroom teacher is called Mr Catz and today we will meet with him first thing to get our schedules. They say he has a few things prepared for us after we get our stuff but nobody knows for sure what is going to happen. […]
There was a cool brese when my mom and dad opened the door when they walked in they were caring a small box. They said to me   “What do you think is in side the box” said mom and dad. Well the first thing that came in mind was money I don’t know why […]
we have been a lot of pet one of them is cat . I and my brother go to store buy cat when we arrive we see one man he said to use he will give to use two cat male and female .He taking my brother number. after 2 weeks he call to my […]
The day would start off with a lesson resisting against dogs. Next, it would be about learning how to purr in the best way possible. Then it would be time for recess the kittens would play against a starting pole and climb on equipment. Then they would come back in and learn how to get owners attention.Last, school would end with […]
My teacher told me today we are having a sub! We’ve had many subs (kinda), but we’ve never had one like this one here is the story of the wild adventure when the cat in the hat was our sub! One cold winter evening at school I walked in the classroom and and SOME of […]
There once was a class who their teacher was on vacation so they got a sub. The subs name was Mr. Cat in the Hat. The students loved him. First he read to them and had them write funny stories and illustrate them. They did that for an hour. When they were done they shared […]
     Does the Cat in the Hat really know all about that? My thoughts are silenced by a sing-song voice jumping through the door. “Hello class! Welcome to Dr. Seuss Land!” a familiar voice calls, “I’m your host, the Cat in the Hat!” He was a tall black and white cat with the tallest hat […]