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Me:Yoda what is 9+10? Yoda:Answer it is poop unicorn. Me:No siri ously what is the answer Yoda:21 Me:Thanks now what is avocado spelled backwards Yoda:Mexico Avocado Fresh are from Me:What is pen spelled backwards Yoda: Pen I have,Apple I have, ugh Penapple , Pen I have ,Pineapple I have ,ugh, Penpinapple Penapple, Penpinapple ugh PenapplePineapplepen, […]
Create an advertisement for a villain.
Avatar of Angel DeLeon
By Angel
Posted on February 24 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
it foxy and he will have sharp teeth and he will be in the night when your outside foxy will kill you and when it comes the sun he will be gone or in the woods and he is a bad guy and i make him.                
Design your own Pokemon.
Avatar of Tayla Minix
By Tayla
Posted on February 24 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
If I were to make my own Pokemon it would be called Thython it would have the power of Wind,Water,Fire all in one.                Thython would be a big Snake with Grey for wind Red for fire and Blue for water all down his back teeth sharp and white […]
Which Anime World Would You Want to Be In?
Posted on February 23 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
I would want to live in Pokémon world so I could kill them all and be king. Also I would be able to scratch that off my bucket list!:):):):):):)
I think that french fries should not count as a vegetables because when they are cooked they are drenched in oil and I think that pizza sauce should count as a vegetable because it has no ingredient added to it either than some seasoning.
Describe a day in young Batman’s life.
Avatar of Stephen zzstu Thompson
By Stephen
Posted on February 23 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
He gets up and runs across the hall and says  na  n  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na  na […]
Describe a day in young Batman’s life.
Avatar of Evan zzstu Pierfelice
By Evan
Posted on February 23 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
It has been almost a month my parents were brutally murdered. I have now vowed to avenge them. Because I was able to inherit the money from my parents, I will now be able to train myself to be able to protect Gotham, aand to avenge my parents. Mom and
Write about your fashion for a dog.
Avatar of Davyen
By Davyen
Posted on February 23 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
A fashion for a dog is dimond gold mixed up turn into a jacket and a hat also shoes and glasses cause the dog will be the most famous dog in history the dog of rich ness and dog of fame.
Design your own Pokemon.
Avatar of Bryce
By Bryce
Posted on February 23 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
i wude pick  m Charzart y becuse he has megu punch!!!!!!!!! and fire blast and he can dive and flam thror. so for y next pokemon i wude pick umbryon ex becuse she can evove in to eny pokemon but not dragen tip.
Write a poem about friendship.
Avatar of Mary Daughtery
By Mary
Posted on February 22 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
friendship is a beautiful thing people that have never met meet become friends and begin to bond and help each other through tough times such as break ups bully and even injuries so if you make a true friend than you should help them through tough times to and they will help you to.