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ice cream
Avatar of humphey
By humphey
Posted on January 13 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
oh right  we are in a holdtell.  oh  the new ice cream. it is so  good  um  so good you  shill have not finish that ice cream ya oh ok  come on   the  ice cream is  so cool i can’t move ok well bye
¨Hello everyone!  I am Mr.Penguin, your new president to be.  First of all I would like to thank all the people that voted for me.  I promise that I will be the best president this country has ever had!  I will make sure that all laws allow kids to have as much fun as possible […]
One night it was very stormy out and the trees were scraching up on my winders.When all of the sudden i heard something making this strange noise under my bed,Which i thought to be a big scary monster so i called my mom in and told her to look under my bed and she did […]
One Day There Was A Horse Named Abe. Abe Had A Owner Her Name Was Madison. Madison Was 11 Years Old And She Loved Abe And One Day Their Town Was Going To Drown But Suddenly Abe And Madison They Jumped As High As They Could Up Into The Air And Abe And Madison Saved […]
It was a dark and scary night. And all of the kids were out trick or treating and everyone was afraid of the candy because every year someone puts a piece of poisoned candy in someone else’s candy bag. How do they know its poisoned and not just a hoax or some stomach ache. They […]
This lawn mower can fly wherever it wants!!!! its like having a disobedient dog but just putting wings on it, its AMAZING!!! it even shreds up the neighbors lawns too and takes care of those pesky weeds that always pop up everywhere! the only problem is it has a mind of its own! but thats […]
Write a letter to someone you miss.
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By ethan
Posted on January 04 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
Dear, grandma Gordy Well you will never get this but I really miss you and I wish you were still here but I know it was time when I understood. Even though every body wishes you were still alive but we all know you are in a better place. Also  I am sad you didn’t […]
There was a little whale named Alfred. He was a very happy whale. In the night though, he wished that he could see more things than just the moon during the night. One night, he said that he wished that he could make a thing called stars. So with all his might, he blew little bright […]
My ginerbread house would be BIG! I would have grahm crakers for my house, because I don’t like gingerbread. I would make my chimney with a gum drop (as usual). With frosting I would do the roof and back+sides striped, the front would be poka dotted and for every poka dot would be a skittle […]
You open the door only to find this!
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By Nevaeh
Posted on December 20 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
aphmau as lady irene
on a warm day a girl was sitting in bed reading a book and a minute later the doorbell rings she runs down stairs opens the door and sees Aphmau at the door and she says hi oh ok goodbye. =3