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Avatar of Maegan Hrachovina
By Maegan
Posted on November 16 1 Comment Shared Pubicly Words: 123
High on a bridge that leads to the most magnificent castle there is it stands hidden above the clouds where nobody except the ones with the adventure seeking minds can find it.   Secrets lie in the very precise details etched many centuries ago strong, round towers are both a defensive and decorational aspect that […]
How stars were created
Avatar of Noah Gearheart
By Noah
Posted on November 15 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 99
There are different looks and sizes of stars in space. There was once a god who had lived a long time ago that had the power to create anything he wanted to. So he had created stars because the sky was very dark and he wanted to add some interest to it. While he was […]
he dead
Avatar of Priscilla Davis
By Priscilla
Posted on November 15 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 0
nazi pun
Avatar of 23 tomisa
By 23
Posted on November 14 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 10
enough with the Nazi jokes   they make me führerious
why a zombie would be a good pet
Avatar of Jaylin Ziehm
By Jaylin
Posted on November 14 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 120
I think a zombie would make a good pet. Because you would not have to take care of it because if you got too close to it you would be attacked. And you would not have to worry about anyone breaking into your house. And if you were scared that it would die you could […]
Avatar of Caroline
By Caroline Marks
Posted on November 10 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 13
As you type, the word count shows up in the top left corner.
French Fries and Tomato Sauce
Avatar of Owen Ruth
By Owen
Posted on November 14 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 174
        It is a common misconception that french fries and tomato sauce aren’t vegetable.  I am going to give you guys some reasons that Tomato sauce and French fries are vegetables. Tomato sauce: 1: If spinach is ground up, is it still a vegetable? Yes, in liquid form. Tomato sauce is just ground up tomatoes. 2: […]
The potato paluza
Avatar of Abbie Knox
By Abbie
Posted on November 10 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 122
One day a lonely potato decided that she wanted some friends. She was walking around the supermarket looking for another potato to be friends with. She saw a very handsome potato that she wanted to talk to. So she decided that she was going to talk to him. They became friends right away. One day […]
which anime world would you like to be in?
Avatar of Yesenia Llerena
By Yesenia
Posted on November 09 1 Comment Shared Pubicly Words: 317
If I was able to be in any anime world that I wanted to be in,I wouldn’t be able to pick one because they are all awesome in their own way. I have so so many favorites that I can not choose. They are all awesome but in one way they are dangerous because I […]
The cat under the bed
Avatar of Elaina Trolinder
By Elaina
Posted on November 08 2 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 168
The cat I have under my bed is named kiki. He lives under the bed and only goes out at night to do only one thing well two things to eat food and plan how to take over the household.Kiki the cat has been planning this for over four months to get revenge on the […]