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We are so hungry We are so hungry Where’s our mommy? Where’s our mommy? Me and my brothers are up in this tree We are searching for our mommy We can’t seem to find her in all that we see So could you help us find our lost mommy? We are so hungry We are so hungry […]
Design your own Pokemon.
Avatar of Rosemary Mendez-Jacinto
By Rosemary
Posted on March 22 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
i want my Pokemon to  be blue and i want be cute  and so pretty and it boy Pokemon.   and want my Pokemon to be blue eyes. and i want my Pokemon to was cute eyes
Everyone knows  what a toaster is but I don’t think you know this kind. Me and a team have created a toaster where you can see what your toast looks like while it’s toasting. There is also a setting where you can set your time and see what your toast looks like before you put […]
I would eat big meals because it is a holiday so lets get into it. First, for breakfast I would have green eggs and ham with golden bacon with a option of green waffles with golden syrup also with some green apple juice. I would have this meals because it is very filling and you […]
My label would warn you against brothers. It would say warning across the top and would shown broken toys, and other stuff brothers do. what would yours be.
The skies so blue, The air so warm and friendly, The fields so, well, flowery, to say the least. Spring, this season brings a new meaning to each and every bolded word. S- Spring can bring allergies to some and beauty to others. P- Pretty fields of flowery flowers. R-  Ranches beautiful in the morning […]
i’m going to be late for school ….and then when he is at his classroom it is or ready the end of school … and then when he arrives back home school will be starting .
YOU DON’T! Jk. In order for everyone to be included, you have to ask. Some people don’t know you want to play. If you ask and they don’t let you, you threaten to hurt them. Jk. You tell a teacher. If that doesn’t work, then too bad for you.
If guinea pigs wore clothing, I think they would wear bright, eye catching colors and cute patterns. Each paragraph will have four outfits in it. Here is my line of fashion for guinea pigs: The first outfit would be for a girl guinea pig. It would be a long, sparkly, pink dress with a cute […]
At what point is something art?
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By Ava
Posted on March 16 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
I believe that anything can be art. In preschool you make all of these pieces of art and when you have to draw something out  it usually is a bunch of scribbles. However scribbles are art, because if scribbles were not art then what would they be? Anything between pictures or photographs to scribbles on […]