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One night it was very stormy out and the trees were scraching up on my winders.When all of the sudden i heard something making this strange noise under my bed,Which i thought to be a big scary monster so i called my mom in and told her to look under my bed and she did […]
Hedgehogs are cute because they are just realy little or big woodlind creechers.All they do is look for food.Some peaple donot like hedghogs because they poeck peaple but they are just protekting their self.
This beast should go on a three day quest to find the nearest beauty pool cause he’s sortttaaaaa…… ugly.  Once he gets on the trip he will meet lots of princes, each a new friend along the way. On his way back none of the princes recognize him because of his newfound beauty and chase […]
Majestic Spanish
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By Johnathan
Posted on October 12 3 Comments Shared Pubicly
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No sé cómo hablar español en caso de que se preguntan. Así que no me dé un comentario sombrero apenas porque soy extraño. O no. De cualquier manera ve a leer mis otros mensajes. O no. Hasta el momento se ar todo en Inglés, y están divertido, ser advertidos. Esto es Esparta.
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Posted on September 22 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
        HE NEEDS SOME MILK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don’t really want to say that I don’t have any time because I have no idea where I am or why I’m here. I woke up in this crazy world and found an empty notebook with a pen. Right now I’m resting in the middle of nowhere after escaping (what I’m pretty sure was going […]
The last person on Earth. . . .
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By Anthony
Posted on September 15 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
The last person on Earth goes to sleep. She is awakened by a knock on the door… Slowly, she walks to the door. One foot at a time. Slowly, but surely. She reaches the door, but then doubles back to the window, thinking to see if she could see something or someone. The window is […]
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By Aila
Posted on May 16 6 Comments Shared Pubicly
The question is begged. Will I stay here? Or will I leave the place I have know so long? My paws lead me farther across the fence. Farther. Farther. Farther. And it stops. I sit down and realize, that this fence is the only thing stopping me from jumping down. And exploring the dangerous world. […]
She made a bet with somebody but she lost and had to wear a jar on her head for the rest of her life and could not come out…..EVER. But she had to and was very sad because people made fun of her. Her parents tried to help by home-schooling her and luckly it worked. […]
Dinner is served! How do you react?
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By Grace
Posted on March 08 2 Comments Shared Pubicly
gross. No thanks. definitely not something i want to eat. if i got this as dinner i would barf no thanks