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Can animals have best friends?
Avatar of Karah Schaefer
By Karah
Posted on February 22 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
well i think that animals can have best friends because my dog has a best friend and my dogs name is pixxie and his best friend is his twin that lives next door they look exacley alike and you want to know how we tell them apart i say pixxie and he comes to me […]
Finding a a hundred dollars Getting a rare thing from a random Win  lotteries Find a 4 leaf clover Get expensive stuff for free You become famous overnight You become a President
It was a murky and drab night and I was abandoned. My only company was the raging thunder storm above my minuscular head. The waves violently rattled the ocean like a baby with a toy. I submerged through the ill-lighted waves that carried me through the ocean. It carried me until I passed out. When I woke […]
The first step to making the best ice cream sundae is the ice cream. On my sundae, there has to be chocolate chip ice cream, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, and cookies and cream ice cream. The next step would be adding a sauce. My favorite sauce to add is caramel. After that, we […]
I have a lot of strange food when I change the country. I know a lot of restaurants like a chines foods, Indian foods, Italian food and Mexican foods I taste every foods  from each different country and then my friends they are from other countries they bring a foods from home when visit me […]
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Write this tragedy.
Avatar of Bradin Sunkle
By Bradin
Posted on February 13 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
that a tragedy its de lisoc
              Hello, this is your president elect Penguin J Trump.  You probably don’t really know me, but I have seen that a lot of you have voted for me. Maybe because I had lots of goods Ideas. It’s hard to understand me, but we will make the polar bears pay […]
Write a story, “If I were an inch tall.”
Avatar of Mia
By Mia
Posted on February 10 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
Hello its Hanna and today I went on a trip to target and got a new car. It was a great day because of those things and I went on my first train it was so fun and it lasted about 10 minutes, it was a quick ride. Okay let me tell you about me, […]
Once, there was a bull who was named Digger. He had a lot of strength that he didn’t know he had. So one day when he was in the meadow, he was grazing on some grass that he though of something, “how did I get my name. If my name is digger why am I […]