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If guinea pigs wore clothing, I think they would wear bright, eye catching colors and cute patterns. Each paragraph will have four outfits in it. Here is my line of fashion for guinea pigs: The first outfit would be for a girl guinea pig. It would be a long, sparkly, pink dress with a cute […]
I think there is a big difference between equity and equality. For example, if there were three kids trying to see over something and one is short, one is kinda tall, and one is tall and you gave them all the same sized blocks to see over, that would be equal. But two still might […]
Write this tragedy.
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One day a potato went to the store and bought some chips and the potato opened the chips , and the chips were talking.  The chips said “Please don’t eat me “.  The potato said “I won’t eat you I’m rescuing all of you and then bring you to one hole again ” The chips […]
I love the Libyan pasta with the Libyan sauce,It is special kind of pasta, it’s sauce with meat, pepper, onion,black pepper and chickpea, the best food I have ever eaten, it’s the most papular dish in Libya, you could make that any day because there is no spacial day for that, we don’t just eat […]
a potato story
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By Juan
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One day there was a potato that was thirsty . So he went to Walmart to get a can of soda  and web the potato opened the can of the soda said “please do not eat me”. the potato was surprised that the soda could talk .The potato thought he was the only food that […]
I do believe that students should be able to grade their teachers. For instance, sometimes teachers put so much pressure on students without putting themselves in their shoes. Teachers might pile a lot of assignments on students while thinking that it is really nothing at all. In this way, some teachers are hypocrites. Teachers may […]
It was getting dark and this place was poking me with horror. The abandoned library was filled with books and knowledge ,but it was also filled with fear. Most of the books were over a hundred years and most of their pages were ripped.  I took some books to study them when I leave this […]
So one day they was a prince and he was determined to save the princess with his dragon that no won liked. So they went of the prince and the dragon and when they got to the castle that the princess was at they said rely loud “who are you” and the prince said the […]
One day a alien came out of there U.F.O to explore earth but the alien needed to do one thing he said “I need to speak with a human!’he demanded but before I do that I must shape shift in a thing on this dirty planet maybe a child nah a robot yes that will […]
 Chapter 2 JF-590 felt something on his back. It was gunshots. He looked back, and saw it was humans. “Hello. I need to look for a human that knows about robots. Do not fear me.”                                         […]