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Why do hummingbirds float?
Avatar of Ryleigh
By Ryleigh
Posted on March 20 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
Why do hummingbirds float. Because there wings are so fast it looks like they are float. 
The reason is because people have been raised to know that ‘monsters’ hide in the dark. People have fears and they think that they hide in the dark, also you can’t see anything in the dark, so people don’t know what might be in it. And finally, many horror stories are in the dark, in […]
When your done with a game and your happy with the score, even though you won or lost you still feel good right? When someone comes up to you and says, “your a good athlete,” that’s not what it just  means, it means a lot. It means that you are strong and don’t give up even […]
What qualifies a car as a classic?
Avatar of Jace S
By Jace
Posted on March 16 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
What considers  a car as a classic? Let’s try to figure it out. I think one big piece of the puzzle is that the car has to be old 20 years old. Another classification is that they have to stay the original design as they where when they where made. Well therefore a classic car […]
1)Cyber Bully 2)Tell people there address 3)Look up things that they are not supposed to look up 4)Steel 5)Lie 6)Hack 7)Create rumors that are not true
What qualifies a car as a classic?
Avatar of Nathalia
By Nathalia
Posted on March 10 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
To qualify as a classic car it has to be old. It has right there in its name, classic car meaning old car. It has to be old enough to have historical value to be included as a classic. It cant be older than 20 years old or else it falls into the antique class. […]
What qualifies a car as a classic?
Avatar of Connor Nichols
By Connor
Posted on March 09 2 Comments Shared Pubicly
What qualifies as a classic car. I think a car should be at least sixty-five years old or the year 1952, and have one-hundred thousand mails on the car. One of many cars that was made in 1952 was the  Cadillac hydra-matic drive. The Cadillac hydra-matic drive was known for it’s hydra-matic transmission. A Hydra-Matic Drive […]
I don´t know a lot of books that are boring but here are some ideas of how to make books better. Put a lot of describing juicy words into your story Maybe have your book be colorful Put colorful pictures in your book every now and then. The picture do not have to be colorful Put […]
Yes, because a lot of people watch college basketball than college baseball. Another reason why basketball is more popular than baseball is because their is way more talented players in basketball that baseball, their is a lot more exercise in basketball than baseball because in baseball you run to first base second base third base […]
Why is Clash of Clans so popular?
Avatar of Isai Jimenez
By Isai
Posted on March 07 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
Hello fellow gamer companions. Why I think clash of clans is so popular is… It is addictive. Not only am I guilty of playing this,but also a witness of why it is so popular. Like I said it is so addictive that when you start you can not stop. Unless you rage quit. And that […]