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Avatar of Alan Tkalec
By Alan
Posted on January 17 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 24
My advice to parents is, let your kid choose what he or she does. Unless it is really stupid (like smoking or drinking alcohol).
Apple Juice
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By Takunda
Posted on January 17 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 9
Let your kids live the life they wanna live.
Five People I´m Thankful For!
Avatar of Jacqueline Alcocer
By Jacqueline
Posted on December 18 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 93
My Mom- I´m Thankful for her because she does everything for me and I have no idea what could I do without her. My Dad- I´m thankful for him because he works all day long just for me and my family. My brother- I´m thankful for him because we do a lot of stuff together. […]
My Top 5 Holiday Traditions
Avatar of Georgeanne Sibson
By Georgeanne
Posted on December 13 3 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 60
My first favorite holiday tradition is making presents. My second favorite holiday tradition is decorating our Christmas Tree. My third favorite holiday tradition is baking Christmas Cookies. My fourth favorite holiday tradition is playing Christmas songs on my piano. My fifth favorite holiday tradition is finding my elf on the shelf, Noel. And those are […]
Avatar of Anthony Odu
By Anthony
Posted on January 11 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 277
        In seventh grade I joined the high school marching band, playing the bass drum. We had to practice a lot before we were ready to march our first show at halftime. The thought of it was so exciting, yet I was as nervous as a mouse beside a cat. What if I mess up? What […]
Top 5 Holiday Traditions for Christmas
Avatar of Ava Swanson
By Ava
Posted on December 04 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 26
Getting a tree Putting ornaments on tree Putting Star on the top of the tree Making cookies for Santa Telling Santa what you want for christmas
My mom is one of the most special people I know
Avatar of Soraya BrogerasDouglas
By Soraya
Posted on November 28 1 Comment Shared Pubicly Words: 133
One of the people I love is my mum shes been taking care of me all of my life. She buys all the groceries, mostly all my clothes and many more things. We have been in  many fights but we always talk it out and find a way to solve the problems. I always can […]
My little brother.
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By DShaun O
Posted on November 28 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 45
My little brother is the world to me we loved playing together I hope I can see my little brother again. I would do anything to get him back from my mom. It has been two years since I seen him and I miss him.
Posted on November 27 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 63
This person makes me feel special because shes my mom and she makes me happy and feel loved shes always there for me and never lets me down or feel bad. Anyway shes the best thing in the world to me. I love her so much and I also love my family as much as […]
The Person I Love
Avatar of Meggison M Miller
By Meggison M
Posted on November 27 1 Comment Shared Pubicly Words: 118
The person I love the most in my life is my sister. She’s always there for me and we share so much. Lizzie is super special to me because she’s my only sibling. When I’m around her I am always happy(except for when we fight). I can’t imagine what it would be like without Lizzie. […]