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You walk into the virtual bathroom and find Siri searching for the right expression also known as emoji. You are startled from siri your cousin in your WiFi browser. You say siri oll pal how can I help you. She says” I am sorry I don’t understand” “rebooting ” she said. Then she explained on […]
There are many people out there who you love, but there is one person that makes them special,and unique. Well, let’s talk about who I love and why it makes them special. First, I love anybody who cares for me and someone who helps me in life through, difficult times. In this paragraph we are […]
My friend Presley made a difference in my life. We were reading in a cozy corner a year ago when she told me my life was perfect. I was shocked. It wasn’t perfect. She told me that I had perfect shoes, clothes, house. I told her it is not what is on the outside that […]
My favorite family vacation was when my family went to the beach at Florida and here’s my reasons. My first reason is that the hotel we went to. It had a HUGE water park and it was outside with straight drop down slides and long ones. My second reason is that we got the go […]
What is your favorite holiday dessert?
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By oracle
Posted on March 08 2 Comments Shared Pubicly
my favorite  fruit is watermelon. I eat watermelon after taking the dinnner at home. I like watermelon because it’s so delicious.I thnik  watermelon is special because it has vitamine .sometime i eat watermelon watermelon is important because it helps your body to balance fluids in your cell
My favorite holiday dessert is pie and here’s why. My first reason for why pie is my favorite dessert is because pie is one of the best desserts for holidays. My second reason is that when I eat it, it tastes really sweet to me. My third reason is that people say that pie is […]
If my friend or sibling had to style my hair I would like an A bob. If you don’t know what that is it is a piece of hair that is long in  the front and short in the back. The person in my family who knows how, to do hair is Kimberly. She is […]
The person that I love is Jasmin Cornado. She is my best friend she is always there for me. Whenever i’m sad shes sad. When i’m happy shes happy. She always cheers me up when i’m sad. I love her sooo much you can’t even imagine.  
What is your favorite holiday dessert?
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By Janet
Posted on March 07 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
A desert I love to have at special occasions is pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie has a delicious pumpkin flavor and a very crunchy crust. This desert is better from the rest because if you compare a pumpkin pie with a apple pie. The pumpkin pie is going to win because the cooked apples on the […]
Her hair is dark and shiny. Brown eyes show sympathy and love.  Her smile lights up a room and fills everyone in it with happiness. Her name is Marlene. She has always been there for me. In fourth grade, I was utterly terrified of getting in trouble; she was by my side. When one of […]