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YES because if you cuddle with them and if they smile and they lick you:)                                                          
Hi my name is Doug and I’m a dog. Not so exciting is it huh. I’ve had a pretty boring life, just sitting on a couch, eating, and occasionally going for walks. Every day there is nothing new, just the same old same old. It might be helpful if I were to tell you how […]
YOU DON’T! Jk. In order for everyone to be included, you have to ask. Some people don’t know you want to play. If you ask and they don’t let you, you threaten to hurt them. Jk. You tell a teacher. If that doesn’t work, then too bad for you.
The kisses from my dog when I get home the feeling when I ace a test when I beat the final level that is happiness happy happy when I get a new guitar when my favorite band comes on the T.V The way Time is going I don’t want this feeling to end
We can make sure our friend get included by many reasons. Such as don’t ignore them, it makes them feel left out. Second don’t say that you don’t like them, it hurts their feelings. There are way more than 3 but ill just do 3. So last don’t say that you like the other friend […]
I love my daughter Summer. I love being an ELL teacher. I love the way the sand feels on my feet. I love to go on walks. I love donuts and black coffee. I love my weekends. I love summer. I love being happy. I love buying shoes. I love learning.
Write a poem about friendship.
Avatar of Elizabeth zzstu Marten
By Elizabeth
Posted on March 14 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
Friends are there for you Laughing at your funny jokes You sure can trust them   They will cheer you up They’ll turn your frown upside down  
My friend Presley made a difference in my life. We were reading in a cozy corner a year ago when she told me my life was perfect. I was shocked. It wasn’t perfect. She told me that I had perfect shoes, clothes, house. I told her it is not what is on the outside that […]
Write a poem about friendship.
Avatar of Resham zzstu Chawdhory
By Resham
Posted on March 13 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
Friends are meant to be Friends keep you on your feet Friends will be there when you need it Friends will stay for life Friends will be there when your sad Friends are a part of you Friends are life
Write a poem about friendship.
Avatar of Priya zzstu Patel
By Priya
Posted on March 13 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
Haiku: People have good friends Always there when you need them Always on your side  _______________________________________________________________ Haiku: Even when you’re sad They’ll turn your frown upside-down They will not get mad