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ho dose not like a room full of sweet
No it is not really the beast joke I have heard but I guess it is a little funny.
Her face is pale and white, she grabs me, and I fall to the ground. The room goes black.
Describe a day in Mr. Catz’ class…
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By Jhonye
Posted on February 23 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
In Mr catz’ class thay would lean how to chase rat’s and how to koth up hire ball’s thay would also lean how to sleep all bay. there would be cat’t. I hop that you like it
The bannana on the right doesnt want to be eaten by the human. the one on the left doent want to be eaten either. so they both try to avoid the human. they both say eat him. this is the same as when you get in trouble. when u get in trouble you dont want […]
>why did the goat cross the road?because he was following the chicken.
well how i have fun with my friend gracie is when we first met we loved each other and we said that we would be best friends forever we met when we were 3 years old at the roof of a mexican restraunt and when we had my sleepover birthday party at my house and […]
they are cute I have one its a cutie pie but he sounds like a snake
It all started when a little girl had to eat a banana. Little Girl:  “Which banana should I eat?” Banana 1: “Eat him  because he is older I need to have a longer life and he will get raw.” Banana 2: “Well I am getting old I can’t move.” Little Girl: “I don’t even want to […]
How do “I” have fun with my siblings and or other family members? Well, it’s very complicated. You have to joke around with them… like push ’em to the ground as we country folk say. And, you have to yell at ’em. But most importantly, you have to make ’em scared of ya. Say things […]