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One night it was very stormy out and the trees were scraching up on my winders.When all of the sudden i heard something making this strange noise under my bed,Which i thought to be a big scary monster so i called my mom in and told her to look under my bed and she did […]
Welcome to my story on why I look like this. One day I was walking in the hall way minding my own business when the janitor was painting the ceiling rainbow colors and just my luck he forgot to put a sign up and it was dripping and every single color dropped  on me. So […]
One day there was a rainbow monster walking into town just like every day. She was going to get some rainbow icing for her rainbow cake. On her way home she was very careful and all she was focusing on was the frosting! Up ahead of her was a big machine, she wasn’t looking ahead […]
This beast should go on a three day quest to find the nearest beauty pool cause he’s sortttaaaaa…… ugly.  Once he gets on the trip he will meet lots of princes, each a new friend along the way. On his way back none of the princes recognize him because of his newfound beauty and chase […]
Majestic Spanish
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By Johnathan
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No sé cómo hablar español en caso de que se preguntan. Así que no me dé un comentario sombrero apenas porque soy extraño. O no. De cualquier manera ve a leer mis otros mensajes. O no. Hasta el momento se ar todo en Inglés, y están divertido, ser advertidos. Esto es Esparta.
Once upon a time there was a bear who live outside a school. One day there were students who could not go outside because there bear was going to scarce the students so we stay inside for recess so h got sad.the next day e got in the classroom he was in the project room […]
Once apond a time there lived a monster named Bomb, Bomb lived in a small town named Monsterousville. There were discusting food which monsters like. Bomb lived with his parents and e is only 12 years old and he has 2 brothers and 1 sister. His 2 brothers names are Bobby and Carl and his […]
Once upon a time there was a rainbow in the sky but then it started to rain and then the rainbow fell out and landed on a bunny and then everybody thought the bunny was a monster THE END.
One day there was a monster who was lonely and had no friends. He walked to school everyday alone, and everyday mean people dumped colored paint on him. When the monster got home, though, he would paint beautiful, detailed paintings. One day the teacher said for every one to bring in a piece of art […]
Write about this new, exciting pet.
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By Gokulan
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This new pet is called the Dirtgrass. You can play fetch with it. It will only stay still but you can have fun imagining it running after a tennis ball. You also feed it. You can only give it fertilizer but it will love you because you let it stay green. But whatever you do, […]