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Basketball has become more popular than baseball in many ways. First, basketball is more interesting and is available to women. Next, its a fast paced game also baseball is a slow paced game. Then, basketball has more physical contact than baseball. Basketball is in the Olympics and baseball is not. Basketball has more of a […]
I think that basketball has become more popular than baseball because… Basketball is a sport that goes so much faster than baseball. I think that people were getting bored of watching baseball because of how long it takes. Maybe if they make less innings it will become popular again. Basketball has so much more action […]
The biggest reason might be that people do not go to much MLB games and people might not buy much MLB appeal. Also the players in collage basketball and NBA basketball are better to watch than MLB players. Also the games in regular season are during the day and not much kids can go to […]
Baseball has dropped in popularity because… Most people in the USA play football, and in other countries they play soccer. If you play baseball you are one of not very many. Baseball is a sport for people who don’t like to get tackled or hurt very much. Most people in the USA like physical contact. […]
My 15 minutes of fame would be for  talking the most amount of words in a minute.  I was at my house looking at a book and it said that this girl talked 400 words in a minute so I called the world record timer people , and stared to talk and talk until I […]
Personally, I think that the converse brand of shoes has remained popular because both girls and boys can wear them so everyone likes them and not just a girl who can wear them or just a boy can wear them. My second reason is that the shoes come in many different styles so people can […]
I think that the popularity has dropped because they’re aren’t that much good players that their was back in the 20th century. Don’t get me wrong their is some good players but not that much back then.
I think that baseball has dropped in popularity for several reasons. First, games have gotten longer. Commercial breaks are getting long, and pitchers are taking more time in between pitches. Also, specifically in the National League, pitching changes are more frequent, so there are more commercial breaks. Secondly, there are a lot of good players, […]
There is a lot of talent in baseball but I think it dropped in popularity because there is more skill in other sports. In America, our main sports are Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Hockey. Within these sports more and more skilled talent is coming, except in baseball. In football, there are young guys like OBJ […]
Basketball become more popular than baseball because basketball gets more pay than baseball.