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I think basketball is a popular sport  because all the  basketball players are super famous and thay  have basketball shoes  ,basketballs  hoodies ,posters, video games  t shirt  and other things and its  also  a fun sport to play and I would recommend this game for anyone.
15 minutes of fame. My 15 minutes of fame would be for almost making a half quarter. At one of my tournaments we were down by 3 we got the rebound passed it to me and i was so close to making it. After that i got mad because we lost. And i was so […]
15 minutes of fame.  If i had 15 minutes of fame it would be for beating Wilt chamberlain’s 101 points in one N.B.A game. That’s why i would have 15 minutes of fame.
For my 15 mins of fame would be for my warriors books that I wright they are inspired by Erin Hunter that wrights the warrior series  of cats I’m starting the warrior books mystyle  of warriors there is little death in my books but I just don’t want death in my book but that is […]
If i got 15 minutes of fame.  It would be for being the most person with an attitude.  i have the worst attitude in the school that i know of.  I am also mean i have been told that for 3 years from the same person.  I have been nice to that person 10 TIMES!!!!!
If I got 15 minutes of fame it would be for eating the most pizza. i ate 50 pizzas in 30 minutes.
my 15 minutes of fame is that i have cystic fibrosis and there is a foundation called Make a wish and i got to pick out any thing I wanted. i picked to go on a shopping spree i got to spend 1576$ at best buy. i also got to go any where to eat […]
If i got 15 minutes of fame it would be for best shoes. I love love love my shoes. They are the best shoes in the world. But if i were famous for 15 min. then i would go to the store and get clothes that go with my shoes. After i was done being […]
i would not want 15 minutes of fame .i have stage fright. and there are to many light . all the yelling and screeming .and you have to worry about people hateing you .and doing what ever your fame is for. and not geting ran over
I would not like 15 minutes of fame. The reason I would not like 15 minutes of fame is because it’s only 15 minutes.Also I don’t like people looking at me.And I don’t like picture’s. There for that is why I would not like 15 minutes of fame.