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Yes, because a lot of people watch college basketball than college baseball. Another reason why basketball is more popular than baseball is because their is way more talented players in basketball that baseball, their is a lot more exercise in basketball than baseball because in baseball you run to first base second base third base […]
15 minutes of fame. My 15 minutes of fame would be for almost making a half quarter. At one of my tournaments we were down by 3 we got the rebound passed it to me and i was so close to making it. After that i got mad because we lost. And i was so […]
15 minutes of fame.  If i had 15 minutes of fame it would be for beating Wilt chamberlain’s 101 points in one N.B.A game. That’s why i would have 15 minutes of fame.
For my 15 mins of fame would be for my warriors books that I wright they are inspired by Erin Hunter that wrights the warrior series  of cats I’m starting the warrior books mystyle  of warriors there is little death in my books but I just don’t want death in my book but that is […]
If i got 15 minutes of fame.  It would be for being the most person with an attitude.  i have the worst attitude in the school that i know of.  I am also mean i have been told that for 3 years from the same person.  I have been nice to that person 10 TIMES!!!!!
If I got 15 minutes of fame it would be for eating the most pizza. i ate 50 pizzas in 30 minutes.
my 15 minutes of fame is that i have cystic fibrosis and there is a foundation called Make a wish and i got to pick out any thing I wanted. i picked to go on a shopping spree i got to spend 1576$ at best buy. i also got to go any where to eat […]
If i got 15 minutes of fame it would be for best shoes. I love love love my shoes. They are the best shoes in the world. But if i were famous for 15 min. then i would go to the store and get clothes that go with my shoes. After i was done being […]
i would not want 15 minutes of fame .i have stage fright. and there are to many light . all the yelling and screeming .and you have to worry about people hateing you .and doing what ever your fame is for. and not geting ran over