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If you don’t want school on Monday just stay at your house and play. Monday you can get a day, a week, a next week, next Monday, and 12 month of Monday. Try what ever you want to do something important like go on the computer, or on a phone or a tablet. Don’t dread school on […]
Can animals have best friends?
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By Karah
Posted on February 22 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
well i think that animals can have best friends because my dog has a best friend and my dogs name is pixxie and his best friend is his twin that lives next door they look exacley alike and you want to know how we tell them apart i say pixxie and he comes to me […]
well how i have fun with my friend gracie is when we first met we loved each other and we said that we would be best friends forever we met when we were 3 years old at the roof of a mexican restraunt and when we had my sleepover birthday party at my house and […]
My friend Tayah has made a big difference in my life I love her so much she has been my BestFriend for a long time she is always nice to people she is caring she has made a big difference in my life She is like my sister she has been my BestFriend since day […]
How do “I” have fun with my siblings and or other family members? Well, it’s very complicated. You have to joke around with them… like push ’em to the ground as we country folk say. And, you have to yell at ’em. But most importantly, you have to make ’em scared of ya. Say things […]
If you want to lead yourself to a healthier life style, you could exercise more often then you normally would do. This would mean every day do 20 jumping jacks, or 10 push-ups, or even 20 sit-ups, the more often you do these exercises the easier they will get. So lets say you want a […]
Yes, I do have fun with my friends a lot. For example, the neighborhood my mom’s house is in has a ton of kids my age that I hang out with a lot. We do everything from football in a yard to playing lava tag at the nearby elementary school. Some days in the summer, […]
I believe that this image can help a teacher in many different ways. For example, the teacher can ask the students to write a quick write about the picture they see. This image can also bring up discussion regarding who wants to write about math and who wants to write about another topic. A third […]
I know my dog loves me because…
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By Lauren
Posted on February 21 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
I know my dog loves me because we’re together every minute. We play outside, we play indoors. Wherever we are we are together. My dog Daisy, is a golden retriever. We believe she’s mixed with a Irish setter because she has a ginger color. Daisy is two and a half, she is so overly excited, […]
Learning from failure is an important aspect of being successful. You may not always get the correct answer on the first try. You have to be able to be persistent to keep on trying for to achieve your goals.