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My friend Presley made a difference in my life. We were reading in a cozy corner a year ago when she told me my life was perfect. I was shocked. It wasn’t perfect. She told me that I had perfect shoes, clothes, house. I told her it is not what is on the outside that […]
The one person outside my family that has made a difference in my life is Jaime Zambrano Rivera. He is always making me laugh. I really enjoy hanging out with him. He is such a happy person and he is always full of positive vibes. Whenever i´m sad he makes me happy. He is the […]
My cousin is ALWAYS with me when I get in trouble. She pulls my hair, I get a little too rough and push her to the ground, but could you blame me? Another person is my Dear friend, Lybertee. When Jayden is running around without supervison, I get in trouble for not watching her. Umm. […]
I have a best friend named Breion who has been with me since the second grade, who has kept my darkest secrets, and who is the only one I can be my true self around.                     When I was younger, Breion and I went to the […]
My friend Tayah has made a big difference in my life I love her so much she has been my BestFriend for a long time she is always nice to people she is caring she has made a big difference in my life She is like my sister she has been my BestFriend since day […]
Every time i seem to get in trouble there seems to always be Colin Lauraine right by my side. Colin and I met in the 3rd grade and we’ve been friends since. On Fridays we go skiing  and every time we go skiing we get yelled at by the workers. Last Friday we wanted to […]
Well when i get in tuoble. My brother sometimes saves my butt and takes it for him self. And get in turoble and i always thank him but am mad at him. Beacuse he did not play munchkin. and my dad promised me that he whold and its not  fair. and pepole that say life […]
What do you like most about your home?
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By Mya
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What I like most about my home… What I like most about my home is my basement.The first reason why I like my basement is the BIG screen t.v.It has Netflix,its big so everybody can see it, and it has great shows.The second reason why I like my basement is the couch.The couch is really […]
My behavior teacher, Mrs McFarland aka Mrs.Courtney,  has made the biggest impact on my life so far and I just can’t thank her enough for helping me overcome some of my most difficult courses that life has took a turn on and I love her and If you know her please pass the word on […]
When I get in trouble I usually am by myself but when my siblings gets in trouble I will always be the first there to help them through it. Unfortunately that almost will always result in me getting into some trouble myself. So why do  I do it over and over again??? Well the answer […]