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Who is always with you when you get in trouble?
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By Hannah
Posted on February 28 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 82
My cousin is ALWAYS with me when I get in trouble. She pulls my hair, I get a little too rough and push her to the ground, but could you blame me? Another person is my Dear friend, Lybertee. When Jayden is running around without supervison, I get in trouble for not watching her. Umm. […]
Who is always with you when you get in trouble?
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By Aleigha
Posted on February 13 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 86
Well when i get in tuoble. My brother sometimes saves my butt and takes it for him self. And get in turoble and i always thank him but am mad at him. Beacuse he did not play munchkin. and my dad promised me that he whold and its not  fair. and pepole that say life […]
If  I would have yo teach a young child about what to eat healthy things… For example you have to eat  lots Veggies like lettuse and saled  also corn,strawberries ,carrots,apples,grapes,banana,broccoli.I would also say not to eat hot cheeto  and not to eat chips and no candy…For Another Example is to drink lots of water, Juice,Milk…Another […]
          I would say:”Eating healthy is important to body.They have use of getting you stronger.They also have use of  use of working your brain.For example:Veggies are in salads and lone most of the time these are veggies:carrot,lettuce,broccoli,avocado and more.Fruits are:Mango,apple,grapes,kiwi,banana,strawberry and more.Eating healthy is important for your body to eat healthy because […]
Tell about a time when you made someone laugh.
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By blaine
Posted on September 28 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 14
I said “knock knock.” “whos there.” “boo” “AHHHHHHHHHH.”you dont have to scream.sorry.i love you.
Tell about a time when you made someone laugh.
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By Haylee
Posted on September 28 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 26
One time i made my  mom laugh so hard she started to cry. when i laugh  to hard i snort. i cry just like my mom
I think it is better to have a younger sibling because at my house I just ask my little brother to ask for something and we get it sometimes.  (^v^)
I think being the older sibling gives you much more responsibilities and power over your other siblings, but it also means that if you have younger siblings then they might get a lot of the attention especially a baby because they have more needs. I think being the older sibling is fun cause if you […]
It is always better to be an younger one. Iwas a hero when i was only child.I got everything i wanted,i was on top of world. To make me eat my  mom & dad used to take me to the railway station in our car so that i can have a glimpse of train and have […]
I think that is would be great to be a younger sibling even thought you get picked on by your siblings they will always defend you when your in a bad situation or “when some kid slaps you across the face.” Its not so fun to be an only child even though you might think […]