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Do Fish Have Feelings?
Avatar of Kendra d.
By Kendra
Posted on April 11 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 132
Yes, I truly believe fish are amazing creatures, able to feel things like overwhelming joy, and heartbreaking sadness. I will tell you the heart wrenchingly sad tale of woe about my fish that proves this very true point. My fish (He didn’t have a name he was just called fish), was a wonderful, beautiful creature, but shortly before […]
No they do not
Avatar of Austin Searles
By Austin
Posted on March 28 3 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 38
Video games do not make kids more violent, it all depends on the person. Some people can control them selves but others cant, it also depends on how mature you are and the type of personality you have.
Avatar of Collin Nosewicz
By Collin
Posted on March 27 2 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 31
Hi i am collin and i play a lot of call of duty and rainbow six sege and i have become a lot more violent  than i youst to i think………
Video Games
Avatar of Roel Profka
By Roel
Posted on March 22 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 95
To be honest, I don’t really think that video games make people violent, even kids. In my own biased opinion I have connected with people through video games and made friendships through them. Video games connect people, even if they’re violent. People while playing video games don’t concern themselves of being violent, they care about […]
Apple Juice
Avatar of Takunda Kubvoruno
By Takunda
Posted on March 08 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 77
Well first I would teach the kids how to escape a room that is lit on fire. They have to run out of the closest exit.  If you have a grease fire, do not try to put it out with water, instead, put the lid back on the pot. If you are in a house […]
Avatar of Gatlin Lehmann
By Gatlin
Posted on March 08 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 160
If I had to teach young kids about fire safety the first thing that I would tell them is if you get in a fire do not panic and you should stay near the floor when you are trying to get out of a house. The next thing that I would tell them is that […]
Enter a title
Avatar of Alan Tkalec
By Alan
Posted on March 08 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 104
I would tell them that they should tell their parents to make a meet-up area just in case there is a fire. I would tell them that if their clothes should catch on fire, they should stop, drop, and roll. I would also tell them not to panic but to stay calm and follow the […]
The Speech Of Great Mr. Penguin
Avatar of Shi zzstu Shen
By Jason
Posted on March 07 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 33
        “This is ANTARCTICA! Make Antarctica great again! I promise to bring fish to everyone and make everyone lazier! (*goes on for nearly five hours saying political stuff*)and thank you!”
Me into someone else
Avatar of Gabriel Lambeth
By Gabriel
Posted on March 26 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 64
I personally agree with this because I always change my personality almost every year. I have gotten lazy ever since I got my electronics. I have also put on some weight ever since I started eating this fating stuff that the government has let be in the stores. Basically I will always change no matter […]
How can we make sure everyone has their basic needs met?
Avatar of Leigh Johnson
By Leigh
Posted on January 31 0 Comments Shared Pubicly Words: 221
Sometimes, do you  think that people really think, about all the other people who don’t have a house or job or even money? People don’t understand that other people out in the world might need food or a blanket or even a place to sleep and that would mean the world to them. I think […]