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If sharks could speak they would say get in my mouth or else.They would say that because they are mad at humans for killing there kind because did you know that there are more sharks killed by humans each year than humans are killed by sharks each year.They would also say that because they are […]
if I was able to give someone 1000$ it would be the poor people because so they can buy food for them selfs and to drink and some new cloths to wear that is who I would give 1000$
if i could change anything on earth it could be a lot of things and the number 1 thing i will say is i will shoten school hours to 4 hours we get more time with family, we get more time for homework, and we get time for fun and all kids want to have […]
Is privacy dead?
Avatar of Jarocquez Williams
By Jarocquez
Posted on February 22 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
I think it is because there are cameras in restrooms.Then when you get a phone the government can see who your calling and what your looking at.They can see all your laptops and all your other electronic screens.Than when people call you they can see where you are.People are being watched without even knowing.One family […]
Is YOUR MOM dead?
Avatar of Cole Wheaton
By Cole
Posted on February 21 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
I don’t uderstand if that is an evaluating qustion because when I left for shool I saw her and then she shared the living daylights outta me i mean man what a day
Finding a a hundred dollars Getting a rare thing from a random Win  lotteries Find a 4 leaf clover Get expensive stuff for free You become famous overnight You become a President
it would be cool if sharks could tack becuse sharks are cool
Should animals be kept in zoos?
Avatar of Elisa
By Elisa De Anda
Posted on February 16 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
only animals that need help should be kept in zoos. animals should not be kept in zoos just for entertainment purposes.
I have a lot of strange food when I change the country. I know a lot of restaurants like a chines foods, Indian foods, Italian food and Mexican foods I taste every foods ¬†from each different country and then my friends they are from other countries they bring a foods from home when visit me […]
my mom and dad will miss me and try to call me every 5 seconds and yeah all that stuff