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Martin Luther King Jr. was a very important part a our history. He played a key role in the Civil Rights Movement. He did not use any violence while protests about civil rights. He said many speeches and one of them is the “I Have a Dream” speech that very well – none. He wanted […]
¨Hello everyone!  I am Mr.Penguin, your new president to be.  First of all I would like to thank all the people that voted for me.  I promise that I will be the best president this country has ever had!  I will make sure that all laws allow kids to have as much fun as possible […]
Many changes have been made because of Martin Luther King Jr.s “I Have a Dream” speech especially the right for African-American citizens equality toward every one else. Not only did he get a great deal of inspiration from Gandhi, but he also got a lot of inspiration from Mother Teresa because he was able to […]
Saint Patrick has a national holiday named after him.
I don’t really remember when I was born but all of a sudden I was there!  I was in a Huge bowl getting sloshed around with other gingerbread people.  Finally she stopped mixing so I had a chance to capture the idea that she was going to turn us into some Christmas cookies.  As she […]
Basketball has become more popular than baseball in many ways. First, basketball is more interesting and is available to women. Next, its a fast paced game also baseball is a slow paced game. Then, basketball has more physical contact than baseball. Basketball is in the Olympics and baseball is not. Basketball has more of a […]
I would fix the violence problem and here’s my reason. My first reason is humanity thinks violence is the only solution to conflict. My second reason is people would fight over things like toys, games, food, and money. My final reason is when people play violence video games they get more and more violent until […]
I think in 2058 a lot of new and incredible technology will be invented soon. The 5 things I think possibly would be invented by 2058 would maybe be that NASA made an aircraft strong enough to land on Mars. They aircraft would land on mars ,and they would have a safe enough astronaut suit […]
Help me please someone help me!  I am being coked it does not feel good at all.  I’m really burning now help me.  Yes please take me out of the oven right now my body is hurting!  Yes thank you so much for taking me out.  I thought that I was going to burn for […]
I think that basketball has become more popular than baseball because… Basketball is a sport that goes so much faster than baseball. I think that people were getting bored of watching baseball because of how long it takes. Maybe if they make less innings it will become popular again. Basketball has so much more action […]