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It was getting dark and this place was poking me with horror. The abandoned library was filled with books and knowledge ,but it was also filled with fear. Most of the books were over a hundred years and most of their pages were ripped.  I took some books to study them when I leave this […]
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Creeping around the woods I looked at the abandoned house. I couldn’t see it very well in the dark, but I knew it was huge. With my flashlight I walked to the porch while my feet sunk into the mud.      “Go away” a voice whispered in my head. I ignored call while pushed […]
so this girl named Hermione granger went to a haunted school before she was able to join Hogwarts harry and Ron was there also they bumped into a girl her name was Helena raven claw her mother was the headmaster of raven claw she was the ghost of raven claw she committed a crime Sean […]
We entered the school after night fell. The door was surprisingly open, almost as if someone knew we were coming… Suddenly, Richard nudged me into a dark and empty hallway. Together, we managed to find our way to Mrs. Rachelle’s room. After we secured that our presence was known to no breathing life form, we […]
You open the box. What happens next?
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By Mia
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Maria was in 5 grade and was cleaning out her attic and came arcoss a small box that was super light so she took it into her room like all the other boxes but when she opened it nothing was inside. Suddenly she fell to the ground and closed her eyes, all she could see […]
There came a knock at the door and a faint scream. She was gone.
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By Hailee
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       What have I done? Oh ! What have I done? Mom and dad are going to kill me when they get home !        ” We will be back in a hour or two.” mom shouted at me from the old wooden stair.  I sat in the modern bathroom. Just about […]
Ring Ring the phone rang. Get ready to meat your death the scary voice coming out from the phone.
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By Scott
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I run to the bathroom trying to hold back my tears of the terrible news that my goldfish died. I jump into the tub crying a waterfall. Then i see the foset i remember the times that i loved to take baths like a fish. so i reach out to the cold foset and turn […]
Blood. Knives. Darkness. This was all that was left in my house, well without including the haunting ghosts that watch my every move. So, it was a Wednesday. A normal day, you know? Nothing to worry about just a fine day after coming home from school. As I walked into the living room to watch […]