Write About - Technical Troubleshooting

IT requirements for Write About

Content Delivery Network

We use Amazon’s Cloud Front for our Content Delivery Network. Most images from Write About will be delivered over these URLS:

  • https://www.writeabout.com
  • https://d30g5rxy3ee0r1.cloudfront.net


Our help videos, tutorials and video writing Ideas are served advertisement free through Wistia. If you are attempting to view videos on a school network and are having trouble playing them, please contact your IT administrator to make sure that the following domains have been whitelisted:

  • distillery.wistia.com
  • embed-ssl.wistia.com
  • embed.wistia.com
  • embed-a.wistia.com
  • embed-e.wistia.com
  • embedwistia-a.akamaihd.net
  • fast.wistia.com
  • fast.wistia.net

Browser Compatibility
Write About is supported on the latest version of Chrome, Firefox and Safari Internet browsers. Currently our team is working on ensuring capability with Internet Explorer, but there are known issues with this browser. For an optimum experience, please use Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Audio Recording
The HTML5 audio recorder will work for users in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This feature is not currently available in Safari, on iPads, or on mobile devices. For additional help with audio troubleshooting click here.

For security, Write About exclusively uses SSL / HTTPS. Some network filters that “inspect” traffic don’t like secure connections, so you may have to turn off scanning for traffic to *.writeabout.com.

Please also add *@writeabout.com to your email whitelist so you can receive emails from Write About.

If you have any additional questions, please check out our FAQ or contact us anytime.